Zandona Carbon Air Young Competition kogelbeschermers

€ 94,95

The CARBON AIR YOUNG COMPETITION Fetlock Boots have been specifically designed for offering more performance to young jumping horses and protect them from collisions and bruises at hindlimb’s fetlock (in compliance with the international regulations for “young horses” categories). They offer the maximum protection to the horse in the Show Jumping discipline. Carbon Fibre elements are present under the shell to thermally insulate the joints from the heat generated by external friction, while increasing the mechanical resistance to impacts.


  • Special performance design
  • Carbon fibre inserts for extra protection
  • Anatomic TPU structure with differentiated thickness
  • Gel-Tech padding for impact absorption
  • Air intakes for extra ventilation
  • Perforated neoprene for perspiration
  • Flex-zone for a complete freedom of movement
  • 100% made in Italy